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Hinckley Property ServicesLee Mob: 07908 074976info@hinckleypropertyservices.co.uk

Special projects

With years of experience in Hinckley and beyond, you may have already seen some of our work without even realising it.


Below is just a small selection of projects of which we are particularly proud. Of course, every project is important to us, but we want to provide you with a sample of the boundless possibilities that we can and do deliver.

Bar Fitting

This project was for The Gas Works bar in Hinckley town centre.


This particular project was fantastic to work on as the client was very open to suggestions and creation. The style that you see here is known as SteamPunk and is very much in fashion right now with bar's and home owners alike. This particular style also happens to be one of our specialities as we not only do the fit out, we also manufacture and supply fixtures and fittings such as lights, benches, coat racks etc, basically anything to do with SteamPunk...which is all bespoke & hand made!

The Gas Works Bar in Hinckley....Everything you see here was created & fitted by Hinckley Property Services (all except the alcohol)

Security Barriers

This project was for a client that felt very vulnerable due to the lack of a security gate but wanted something that they could detract as and when required instead of having a perminent gate installed.


This project wasnt as easy as it looks, the client was very particular with what they wanted to see at the end of their driveway, and when...but we got there, and the client was extremely pleased with the finished product.


Oh by the way, the blockwork drive way was installed by us as well!

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